Voor elkaar koken en dan samen eten op een gezellige, duurzame manier, heel goedkop maar altijd met een leuke solidaire en niet komercieele doel, dat is de Volkskeuken!

Home made food with electronic sampled music: Peter Piek (D)

Tonight’s dinner in our food-cafe Muiterij in Bajesdorp will be accompanied by live sampled electronic dream-pop from Peter Piek (D). Your food will surely taste good with these carefully selected tones. Peter Piek is a German painter, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author and performance artist. He lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Check him out via the…

Vegan dinner

Tonight’s food was so tasty we decided to interview cooks Marleen and Pim and share the recipe with you. No animal products were needed for this delicious meal, how nice is that! *press google translate for translation Eetsmakelijk!