The (so far) confirmed line-up:
Camp, Wolf & Disaster, Kaine George, Jonestown Aloha, Blind Bob and the Grillplates, De Beatzers, Dieselbreath, La Banda Fantastica, Les Slugs, Zibabou, Berber, Bjarke Ramsing, Duo Rodriguez Franceschini, Ibo Bakker, Bettie Akkemaai, Feral Booty, Trash Moutain, Chez Willmore, Crackle Me Pink, Quartier Mustache, Vibrant Arm, Almudena & Davide, Velvet, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Sarah Sotemann, Coosmic Circusv, Cistem Failure, Mirror Matter, Sanne, The Euphoric Enterprise, Billy Whydol Experience, Foxy Roxy, Gumbo Deathray, Clover Boys, Elenne May, Fletcha Moon, Kaser + band, Whittlesea Trio, Majd, Majdi, Mahmoud, Lost Cabin, Acro Jirls more tbc


Free and non-commercial. Unplugged as ever, we are happy to invite you to the 11th edition of the folking Mother of urban mini-festivals.

Our mini-festival will gather kilo’s of good operational musicians, tons of squatters and non-squatters, students, hippies, yuppies, polish Prussian parasites and disabused leftists, organic freaks, queers, vegan foodies, hip-hop kids, provide the surrounding block with abundance of exotic food, tree-house snugness poetry and awsum live music in a nice mellow atmosphere.

Besides our yearly eclectic gathering of artists and good-doers in the pleasant setting of our homes, we are busy trying to keep our roofs, our initiatives, our different way of helping each-other and of living together in a city. We are this little space of freedom left, those rough edges they’d like to polish.
Soon we might loose our homes for yet an extra piece of real-estate extravaganza, in a city that solely spins around monetary values, profit, competition and isolation.

In our quest for legalizing Bajesdorp we emphasize and try to show the rest of the universe – in a humble way – what we do best: taking and giving room for grass-root minded manners to thrive, such as non-main stream culture, alternative economic and social initiatives – local solidarities organized in food coop, housing coop, community center, neighborhood garden and so on …