Unreal Estate Bajesdorp Festival is on may 3rd 2014

Gentrification Hazard! The biggest tread to civilization (after global warming, social-democrats, and obviously Justin Bieber) must be defeated! Bajesdorp Unreal Estate is a tremendous sabotage operation, meant to undevellop city developer’s biggest cynical quest: generalized boring bourgeois boredom! Now, the perpratators of this t(error)ouristic operation invite any sabotage-minded one to compromise themselves in a day read all

Calais calling – YOU….


and your crap you always wanted to get rid of…                           What we need on the ground : * Tents, tarps and sleeping bags – we always need lots of them; * Bikes, bike trailers and bike repair stuff – are always needed read all



And we want you in! Be on Friday, November 22nd at De Valreep ( for our first clandestine operation: that’s the You-Can’t-Always-Steal-What-You-Want edition. Taste with us the finest stage bandits of the moment with The Applejacks, The Incredible Stacks, Whittlesea Trio, DJ Testosteronnie, Quartier Mustache Continental. This you-can’t-always-steal-what-you-want edition of NIGHTS OF BANDITS was initiated read all

Funky Fungus Workshop & Funky Folkskeuken


Funky Fungus Workshop & Funky Folkskeuken Shiitake & Oesterzwammen Zondag, 20 October Bajesdorp 14:00 Food & Music from 18:00 Kom een kweek je eigen paddo´s op eikenhout of stro… and get fed (and fat) and entertained by Ell Sol (Catalunya) Rainstick Cowbell (Portland) h

Op de Valreep Go Go Legaal

Valreep-Legaal-Ontwerp-02 Demonstratie voor De Valreep: 19 oktober 14.00 Beste sympathisanten, buurtbewoners, vrienden, twijfelaars, Terwijl de Gemeente en projectontwikkelaar OCP Oostpoort jaren lang braak lieten liggen, werd het verwaarloosde dierenasiel door vrijwilligers omgetoverd tot een bruisend buurtcentrum. Dit was niet mogelijk geweest zonder de kraakbeweging, de vele buurtbewoners, sympathisanten en andere Amsterdammers die op de Valreep read all

F.C. Balreep

F.C. Balreep

Out of love for the game and the lust for life, some honourably conspirational visionaries of Bajesdorp and De Valreep founded Football Club Balreep 2013 commonly known as simply F.C. Balreep. On Sunday October 13th F.C. Balreep will kick off it’s hunt for glory playing the infamous Artiekel 140 Toernooi in Elst. Visit the club’s read all

Bajesdorp Festival -10 Folkin´ Years


 Ten years and still growing ↑ ! Free, independent, non-commercial, founding and unplugged as ever, we are happy to invite you to the 7th edition of the folking Mother of urban mini-festivals. Proudly celebrating a decade of Bajesdorp with … Music & poetry by: De Beatzers * Whittlesea Trio * Bird in a Glasshouse * read all

Het is bijna zo ver….


Op 7 September wordt Bajesdorp  10 jaar! reden genoeg voor een gloed-nieuwe festival-(verjaardags) editie …met muziek, theater, folkskeuken  en nog heeeel veeeel meeeer….! Check website, facebook of radar for latest news on programm and mark your agenda! Bij vragen, opmerkingen, love letters stuur een mail naar …doei…    

Musical Bajesdorp Folkskeuken


Hey folks, This season’s summer outdoor voku starts on June 26th, and will be followed by noisy entertainment. Funds raised go to support `Calais Migrant Solidarity´, an anarchistic-minded collective that copes, among other stuff, with the humanitarian emergencies resulting from the enforcement of brutal European border policies in Northern France. This will also be the read all

Bajesdorp Inside Out

Folk your Mother goes campfire! Everywhere in   the Netherlands things are getting cold, but Bajesdorp is just heating up for the next edition of The Grand Petite Unplugged. On the 3rd of november native Bajesdorpsters, a good bunch of unplugged musicians, poets, actors, homebaked cooks, squatters and non- squatters, boxed students, beardy pirates, kids, fagots, read all