Every Tuesday our volunteer-run social cafe at Bajesdorp’s community ‘De Muiterij’ is open for neighbors and citizens to share a vegan meal.

We are now open for new cooking teams!

Are you part of an organisation with a social, cultural, political or environmental goal? Want to cook and raise money for your cause? Contact us and we can arrange you a benefit-Tuesday. We’re open for one-time cooking teams as well as regular ones that would like to cook every so many months.

A typical cooking-Tuesday looks like this: around 15h you start with gathering food. The ingredients are offered by our Bajesdorp-food-sharing team (including home grown bio-veggie’s :-)). Or you can get what you need at your prefered suplier. Then the cooking starts in our cafe kitchen. Typically a soup and a main-dish is served and if you’re enthousiastic a dessert as well. You serve the food from 19h on for a crowd of between 15-30 people (bussier in summer). Invite your friends, family and/or fans to join the small crowd of regular visitors and bypassers. People pay with a donation for the food. The donations for the food go to your benefit-goal :-). Got no benefit goal yourself? We have several projects to choose from.

Got enthousiastic? Contact our cooking team coordinator Marina via cooking@bajesdorp.nl