Syrian musician Kaser Najjar, Bajesdorp’s new artist-in-residence, presents himself:

“I’m Kaser Najjar, a refugee from Aleppo, city of fun and music in Syria. I play Oud, an instrument that looks a bit like a guitar with a bended head. I arrived in Amsterdam 10 months ago and stayed in the AZC Flierbosdreef. There I made music with a lot of people. When they organized the ‘Flierbos got talent’ in the Parktheater in the Bijlmer we made it to the first prize. You can see it in the video. I also played in the Bimhuis, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ.

In that time I also met Jeroen from the at the Wenckebachweg. I started working with him to make music and he invited me to work together with them to reach refugees in the new AZC in the Bijlmer Bajes. Together we connect to musicians there, we help them getting in contact with other musicians in Amsterdam. Also we teach music to any the children and adults who are interested.”


“Living in Bajesdorp brings me close to the fire! Lately I was transferred to the AZC in Overloon, Brabant. This is far away from the people I want to work with and also far from the network that I just started to build up. Living among Dutch people is also better for practicing the language. Also I’m learning the violin and it’s difficult to practice in the camp, among people, ‘cause it’s bothering them. I am really happy to stay in Bajesdorp! Next to my work with Ei-complex I would like to invite people for jam-sessions and concerts in the cafe space of the Muiterij! I hope to see you there!”