The (so far) confirmed line-up:
Mudbag, Miraz, Serena Sound System, Choco, Bear Bozeman, Quartier Mustache vs Foxy Roxy, Nono and the Sinking Ship,  Mike and Solveig, Grandpa Death Experience, Monty Pagan, Aerts, Whittlesea’s Epic Elixier, Klaske Oenema, Bucket Boys, The Grassmowers, Bagjuice, Jah Bredrin, Lifelong Hangover, Beatzers, Stereo Naked, Skelectief, Bettie Akkemaai  more tbc

Sign up now & play Bajesdorp vs The World PingPong Cup

Free and non-commercial. Unplugged as ever, we are happy to invite you to the 12th edition of the folking Mother of urban mini-festivals.

We in Bajesdorp are keeping an eye out as our neighbourhood is rapidly getting a facelift by gentrifiers. We are doing our utmost to keep the spirit of Bajesdorp alive through these changing times. We have made a strong effort over the years to prevent vacancy and keep the neighbourhood habitable, and to make sure we have a beautiful, diverse place to call home.

Every year we are excited to share our picturesque neighbourhood with our friends, lovers, (chosen) families, and other earth dwellers when we turn our home into a festival ground for everyone to enjoy. This year is no exception! We would love to see you all in Bajesdorp celebrating free spaces that are becoming an endangered species in Amsterdam. Come enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, thought-provoking stalls, wide range of music and the general gezelligheid of the Bajesdorp Festival 2018!

Our mini-festival will gather kilo’s of good operational musicians, tons of squatters and non-squatters, students, hippies, yuppies, polish Prussian parasites and disabused leftists, organic freaks, queers, vegan foodies, hip-hop kids, provide the surrounding block with abundance of exotic food, tree-house snugness poetry and awsum live music in a nice mellow atmosphere.

Besides our yearly eclectic gathering of artists and good-doers in the pleasant setting of our homes, we are busy trying to keep our roofs, our initiatives, our different way of helping each-other and of living together in a city. We are this little space of freedom left, those rough edges they’d like to polish.
Soon we might loose our homes for yet an extra piece of real-estate extravaganza, in a city that solely spins around monetary values, profit, competition and isolation.

In our quest for legalizing Bajesdorp we emphasize and try to show the rest of the universe – in a humble way – what we do best: taking and giving room for grass-root minded manners to thrive, such as non-main stream culture, alternative economic and social initiatives – local solidarities organized in food coop, housing coop, community center, neighborhood garden and so on …