Open call for Artist / Activist in Residence

“The town is your playground”

In our creative community, Bajesdorp, we opened up an artivist-in-residence space last year in our social/cultural centre De Muiterij. On the second floor of the communal space we offer a basic residency for makers from diverse backgrounds, from artists, to social activists, ecological and cultural engineers. We are currently looking for passionate individuals with compelling project ideas who are excited to share their skills with the Bajesdorp community and/or artists and activists who want to develop a project here. An important part of the residency is the exchange between artivists and the village of Bajesdorp.



Where the bedroom may rather be small-sized, the possibilities to come out and play are broad though. We have several equipped inside and outside workspaces, a large garden, a gym and the the social centre itself where a large variety of activities like a screen-printing workshop. Well make agreements on the use of space, equipment and materials based on the challenges of the artivist. The town is your playground!

Artivists in residence preferably add something new to Bajesdorp and it’s present activities on an artistic, cultural or political level, distinguishly different from what a volunteer or ambassador of Bajesdorp offers. Apart from that we hope to receive artists/activists here that have a connection with Bajesdorp somehow. Either with the town or with the themes we as a free space connect to:

political environmental social cultural

We look explicitly for personalities and work that are not afraid of involvement in a collective and living in a community. An artist-in-residence stay typically takes one month. This can be prolonged upon request. We like to see some outcome of a project like an expo or workshops or something digital or analogue that is publicly attendable or available. Projects should be on a non-profit base, but can contribute to the work of the artist in general. The artist is free to do as wishes with the art or project made afterwards.


How to apply:

Write a short proposal answering the following questions: What you would like to work on in Bajesdorp, what’s your work/art form(s) and whats your motivation? Why do you choose for Bajesdorp? What public outcome does your project have? Which period are you hoping to stay? What kind of space do you need? Are there workshops people can attend? Anything else planned where public can attend? Send your proposal to